A wedding gown as a table cloth? Classic Cleaners of Indianapolis gave it a try...

Classic Cleaners partner and wedding gown cleaning and preservation specialist Leon Neal has a very good sense of humor. As a fun way to advertise that Classic Cleaners offers the best wedding gown cleaning service in Indianapolis, he used a discarded wedding gown as a table cloth at his church’s Christmas table decorating party.

First, Leon gave the dress a thorough cleaning, using Classic Cleaners’ special detergents and gentle washing method. Then the women of the church created this whimsical centerpiece-plus-table cloth. Spectacular!

The message, of course, was that Classic Cleaners can almost always get out the toughest stains, even in a beautiful wedding dress. People may not ordinarily use wedding gowns as table cloths, but gowns do get stained during the ceremony (from dragging on the ground) and during the reception (champagne and food).

After you have worn your beautiful gown, take it to Classic Cleaners and have it cleaned and preserved–it will continue to look great for many, many years to come!

The Classic Cleaners Blog Team