Classic Cleaners of Indianapolis restores improperly cleaned wedding gown to glorious beauty!

Based on our innumerable successes, we believe Classic Cleaners offers the best wedding gown restoration service in the Indianapolis area. We can truly work miracles with old, stained, yellowed, and otherwise discolored or soiled gowns!

The gown we’re looking at today is a nice one indeed, but seven years ago it was improperly cleaned, resulting in the yellow staining you see in the BEFORE picture.

There is a special art to wedding gown cleaning and preservation (which Classic Cleaners has perfected). One very necessary step is the complete removal of all sugar. A seemingly harmless splash of soft drink can dry clear at first… but turn yellow months or years later through the process of oxidation. Further, ordinary cleaning methods will not remove this sugar. Classic Cleaners, however, has special methods that remove sugar from wedding gowns so that they stay beautiful over the long term.

Okay, let’s take a look at the gown. This is a prime example of a nasty yellow sugar stain.


That doesn’t look like something that would get out very easily, does it? Classic Cleaners to the rescue!


Perfection! The yellow sugar staining is all gone, and the gown looks virtually like new. Needless to say, we do not alter or enhance these photos in any way–the effect of our cleaning processes really is this dramatic!

If you or your loved one is getting married, in all likelihood the gown will have great meaning to your family, and you may want future brides to wear and enjoy it in all its beauty. The best thing to do is have Classic Cleaners preserve your precious wedding gown. The cost is quite reasonable, and there is a guarantee, too (click here for our website page).

If, however, you have a vintage or not-so-vintage gown that you’d like to restore, Classic Cleaners is can make your wedding gown beautiful again through our special restoration process–as you’ve seen from the above example (click here for our website page).

With these two options, you’re prepared to give your treasured wedding gown the care it needs and deserves!

The Classic Cleaners Blog Team