Classic Cleaners: The best costume cleaning in Indianapolis!

Classic Cleaners: The best costume cleaning in IndianapolisAs a member of the Classic Cleaners blog team, I love visiting our Classic Cleaners locations and plants to see what’s going on at Indy’s finest dry cleaner! We’re always cleaning some interesting garments, I can assure you.

What you see in this photo are an Irish dancing troupe’s costumes. We’re very proud that they entrust their treasured (and no doubt expensive) costumes to Classic Cleaners. It’s also a good decision on their part–for a number of reasons: cost, quality, and convenience.

Whether you send us an elaborate costume or an everyday shirt, you have a whole team on your side making sure that your garment is cleaned and finished to perfection. These costumes were given extra-gentle treatment and cleaned with our special enzyme-based detergent (did you know that we dry clean and launder all garments without the use of heat?). Then they were finished by hand on a series of stations, each of which is designed to hold a particular part of the garment in place while it is pressed with extreme care.

They look great in the photo, but these costumes looked simply magnificent in person!

If you have a Halloween costume–or any other special garment–that needs cleaning, please bring it to us–we’ll treat it right and deliver fantastic results!

The Classic Cleaners Blog Team

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