Classic Cleaners restores 1947 wedding gown--beautiful bride wears it with pride!

Congratulations to Brooke Hynds Mackin, who celebrated her wedding on August 15, 2009. She was the third bride to wear this gorgeous wedding gown, the other two being…

  • Brooke’s mother Cindy Timanus Hynds on May 12, 1979
  • Brooke’s grandmother Evelyn Galucci Timanus on August 24, 1947

The wedding gown was originally made by Evelyn’s sister-in-law, Mary Gallucci, who, according to the family, was like a mother to Evelyn. When Evelyn was 13 years old, she found a photograph of this dress in a magazine, clipped it out, and asked Mary to make it for her future wedding day. Mary made the dress without a pattern.

Here is Brooke in her gown, which looks virtually as new as it did 62 years ago:

Classic Cleaners: Expert wedding gown restoration in IndianapolisHere is a photo that shows all three brides in the dress (click on photo for a larger image):

Classic Cleaners: The best wedding gown restoration in IndianapolisHow is it possible that a wedding gown of this great age can look so new? Wedding gown restoration by Classic Cleaners can make vintage weddings dresses look virtually like new (click here to learn more).

The technology is truly amazing and produces results like these (“before” on the left and “after” on the right, in case it isn’t clear!):

Classic Cleaners: Amazing wedding gown restoration results in IndianapolisThere is no Photoshop trickery at work here, friends. The dress was really that yellow–and it really is possible to get it that white!

We believe that Classic Cleaners offers the best wedding gown restoration and wedding gown preservation service in the Indianapolis area. You or your loved one can look as beautiful as Brooke did in a classic wedding gown! Please contact us today for a free consultation!

The Classic Cleaners Blog Team