Best jeans cleaning in Indianapolis: Classic Cleaners!

In my last post I told you about our Classic Cleaners October 2009 special: $2.00 off jeans. Yesterday, I was visiting one of Classic Cleaners’ convenient Indianapolis area dry cleaning locations, and, in celebration of this monthly special, I asked one of our friendly associates to show me a perfectly cleaned pair of jeans. Here they are:

Classic Cleaners: Best Jeans Cleaning in Indianapolis!

Perfect, thanks to Classic Cleaners’  advanced processes!

First, Classic Cleaners is going to launder your jeans gently in cold water with premium, enzyme-based detergent. In fact, it’s this really good detergent that allows us to wash them in cold water for minimal shrinkage and extremely gentle cleaning. At this point, we can add starch–or not. Completely your choice.

Next, we are not going to throw your jeans into a big dryer–no way! We hand-finish them–the pressing and the drying process are a single process. A gentle process that finishes every part of the jeans the way it needs to be finished.

Because of our special detergent, equipment, and expertise, the results you get are–simply put–very hard to imitate. Better yet, the Classic Cleaners associate at your favorite location will provide VIP-level customer service, entering your cleaning preferences in our computer system so that you get your jeans done your way every time!

Let’s return to the jeans in the photograph. This is a nice pair. Notice the stressed pocket line and fineness of the wash. These are the high-fashion details you pay for and want to keep looking good over the long term–with our Classic care and expertise, this is possible! Since our price is right, however, you can enjoy perfectly cleaned work jeans, too. If you haven’t tried cleaning your jeans with Classic yet, please give it a shot–you’ll be extremely pleased with the results!

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