At Home Clothing Care

Business suit care tips in the “Indianapolis Business Journal”

“I’d trust him with anything in my closet (which is practically the same as saying I’d trust Arnold with my life),” Gabrielle Poshadlo wrote in her style column in this week’s Indianapolis Business Journal. After we lifted some tough stains from Gabrielle’s evening gowns […]

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2 Tips for Back to School


It’s back to school time and we have some tips for getting your guy or gal ready to take on the world.

Growing Like Weeds

Your kids are growing by leaps and bounds. They could have grown an inch just over the summer break […]

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Stain Fighting: Conquer the chocolate!

July 12, 2011

They say that there’s no accounting for taste, but in some cases there’s almost universal agreement. Take chocolate for example — almost everybody loves it, whether it’s a candy bar, ice cream or chocolate milk. The problem is that while delicious, chocolate holds its hidden dangers […]

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For Father’s Day, help Dad look his best!


Not another tie! If you’ve given Dad a wardrobe of nice clothes over the past few Father’s Days, he’s probably running out of closet space. For the perfect Father’s Day gift, help him look his best with a gift card from Classic Cleaners […]

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